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May 8 2023

AGM Link, Follow up information

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Good evening, 

Link for AGM:

There's a waiting room function on the link. We have do the role call stuff in advance so if you are in the waiting room still and it's past 7pm, hang tight as we'll get things underway shortly. 

Couple points for the meeting tomorrow:

1. Just one person (a team rep) needs to attend or send their proxy in to hold your team's spot.

2. We have received some proposed Bylaw amendments which will be shared at the meeting. If those in attendance vote to make an amendment, your proxy will vote on your behalf, but maintain the intention of your voting preferences if you chose to fill them out. For example, if you voted NO to the Bylaw amendments, then regardless of the changes that are proposed, your vote (via Proxy) will still be NO. On the other hand, if you voted YES to the Bylaw amendments, then regardless of the changes proposed, your vote (via Proxy) will still be yes. If you left the questions blank, then your Proxy will vote and your vote is what theirs is. 

3. Board/Exec: The original post on Sept 1 has been updated to reflect the list of eligible Board members. You are reading it correctly - there is room for more people to help out!

4. IF the Bylaw amendments are passed, the Rules of Play that the future Exec/Board would be operating from would be all the things that used to be in the Bylaws, unless the Exec/Board makes changes to help the league adapt to the current environment. Here is a link to the potenial 'Rules of Play' here.

4. I have tried to reach out to everyone as best as possible via email but I have not heard from team members of the following teams. If you know someone on there, please call or reach out to them and let me know if they will be attending the meeting?

  Deep Balls Body Break  
    Sports Bags  
    Sheik Mafia New Kids on the Block
      Pancake Buffet
  Bullies   Bumping Buddies
Just Dig It Safe Sets This Won't Take Long  

- Russell

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