In order to setup a SAVA member account we need some information about you. In the interest of protecting your information we only require first and last names, gender, birthdate, main phone, and email address. Just because we require the information, doesn't mean that you have to publish it to other members. We will make an effort to ensure that only the information you allow to be published be available on the SAVA website, but your first, last name and age(not birthdate) will be shown on the team roster page.

If you already have an account or an account has been created for you by your team captain please go to the Password retrieval page to generate a new password.

Captains And Co-Captains Of Teams

If your intention is to be a captain you should also fill out your phone number(s) since you are the team contact. If there are last minute changes to schedules or gym availabilty we can contact you using this information. Also, if other teams cannot make your games for the upcoming week, they can look this information up to let you know. Mailing address should also be filled out for the preformance bond cheque mail outs.

Members On The Sublist

If your intention is to be on the sublist set your preferred contact information to "publish" other wise no contact information will be displayed.

Please fill-in the registration information below.

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