2018/2019 Team Fees

We have been receiving a lot of messages about team fees and how much the coming year will cost. As per the AGM, total team fees this year will be $1500, but due to some teams carrying over their performance bond many teams will owe different amounts.

The league has decided that carrying over the performance bond for teams that opt in will be a little easier than writing 72 cheques and then taking in that performance bond again the next year. This is why we asked the captains as they arrived and signed in at the AGM. For teams that are playing every year, we can just hold on to it until they request it back. Requesting it back would in the case of a team not playing the next year or something similar.

On top of that some teams have helped out the league in a big way by volunteering to pay early which helps us with our deposit for the MAP. This was a huge hit up front but it will definitely be worth it having a place we can rely on and call our own for the season.

We will be sending out an email to team captains letting everyone know of how much each team owes, taking into consideration the ones that have carried over the bond and the ones that have paid some if not all their fees already.

Team fees will be due July 15.

And please remember, try not to call or text someone in particular when you have questions or problems. It is super convenient, we know, but emailing the executive will make sure everyone is on the same page and then we all know of the communication coming in from our members. It also alleviates the stress from an individual executive position. Thanks for reading and we look forward the the coming season!

Co-ed 4s Beach Tournament

Where?: Sports on Tap
When?: Saturday June 23rd, 2018

Why?: Raise $ for Breast Cancer Research

How much?: $100/team

Lots of door prizes, lots of games, lots of fun!

Reserve your spot by contacting Lori Mills at 1-306-280-5787 or lusha123@hotmail.com

AGM Announcement – April 26th, 6:30pm

One year of indoor volleyball is done, and so the planning for another year begins. And so it goes. The AGM is set for April 26th, 6:30PM, at E.D. Feehan, in the theater room.

To keep the AGM streamlined, we will collect and distribute new business to teams prior to the meeting for review.

To accomplish this, we ask to receive new business via email by April 20th so we can include it in the AGM agenda handout. We will circulate this prior to the AGM for review.

Some quick boilerplate around the AGM. This is important, so first-year teams should read this closely.

– Teams without a representative at the meeting will lose preference for
a spot in the league

– New Teams: Will want to get there early to have your name added to the
waiting list because the order on the list is the order of preference.

– Executive members have preference for spots in the league including a
new team with a member on the executive.

– If you or one of your team members are interested in being a part of
the executive read through the positions available to make an informed
decision. A full description of executive positions and duties are
posted in the bylaws on the website.

Thanks for all your help everyone and we’re looking forward to a fun AGM!

2018/2019 Important Dates

The dates for the 2018/2019 Season have been booked:

2018 Seeding Tournament will be held September 16, 22 & 23rd in Martensville.

2019 Playoffs will be held March 9-10th, also in Martensville.

2017/2018 SAVA Champs

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017/2018 Season!


A Division – Finger Blasters

B Division – Pandeballium

C Division – Baliball

D Division – Wesley Crushers


A Division – Whispering Eyes

B Division – Stuff

C Division – Six Pack