Seeding Results Posted

The results of the seeding tournament are posted. Good job to all teams! By the sounds of things there were quite a few injuries throughout the tournament. Hope there wasn’t anything too serious and everyone heals up quick. See you out there!

Coed Seeding Results

Women’s Seeding Results

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Seeding Schedule – Posted

The 2016 Seeding Schedule and draws have now been posted and can be viewed on the Schedule page.

2016 Seeding Tournament takes place on September 18, 24, and 25

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2016 Seeding Tournament Dates

We have finally received confirmation of gyms for the Seeding Tournament.  It will be held at Mount Royal and Bedford Road on the following dates:

Sunday September 18

Saturday September 24

Sunday September 25

The Schedule and Draw will be posted shortly.  Thanks everyone for your patience!

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Seeding Tournament Dates – TBD

Hi everyone,

As there have already been several inquiries about seeding dates, I figured I would let everyone know:

Seeding Tournament dates are yet To Be Determined.  Because high schools have priority on gym bookings, every year we have to wait until the end of August to receive confirmation on gyms for SAVA.  Having said that, I have submitted our request for Sept 17, 18, 24 and 25.  I am confident that the seeding tournament will take place on 3 of those 4 days (whatever is available).

Hopefully this helps for those of you needing to know which weekends to keep open.  I will post the exact dates once we get confirmation from the Public School Board.

Thanks for your understanding! 🙂

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In light of Canada Post’s pending job action, registration cheques can also be dropped off at 1609 Thompson Ave in Sutherland. Please just leave your cheque in the mailbox, it does NOT need to be left with someone in person.

If you would like confirmation that your cheque has been received, please send an email to and I would be happy to double check for you.

Registration cheques that have already been mailed should be received in time for the July 15 deadline. However, if you’re concerned your cheque is stuck in the mail because of the strike, please let me know before the deadline so we can make alternate arrangements for payment. I will be checking the mailbox as often as possible to ensure I collect as many as possible before the strike starts.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thanks everyone!


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