Sub-List Contact Information Reminder

Hey everyone! It has come to our attention that although a bunch of people have created an account and added themselves to the sublist, when viewed by other teams their contact information is hidden (both email and phone number). We believe we have narrowed down the cause. We thought, at first, that they just didn’t fill out the information and got around the validations. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Under each account once you login you have the option to publish your contact information (email, main phone, secondary phone). We believe when the site was built this may have been incorporated into the sublist as well. So if you are on the sublist or know someone who is, please double check your profile once you login and make sure that you AREN’T hiding your contact information and let them know to do the same. If you are, there is a chance it isn’t showing up on the listings, which is why you may not have been contacted to sub.


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Notes Regarding Martensville Athletic Pavilion Usage

This has been emailed to all team contacts already, and is being posted on our website for additional visibility.

The Rec Supervisor at MAP contacted us this morning to let us know that they were quite happy with the general respect and care they observed at their facility during the seeding tournament. Thank you to all who helped contribute to a positive view of our organization.

She did note one issue regarding children and spectators at the venue. Note that SAVA rents out the volleyball courts and surrounding area ONLY. This means that members of our league along with any spectators have access to those areas only. We do not have free access to areas such as the walking track, the fitness center, or areas hosting any other events, such as birthday parties. As fun as it may be to crash a birthday party, it is not appropriate to do so.

Anyone over the age of 10 is more than welcome to use additional areas of the facility if they have paid the required fee. Please pass this along to all team members for future uses of the MAP, so we can continue to use them as a much needed option in gym rental space.

An additional note – one that I am not happy to have to add – is a reminder that the No Food and Beverage policy is not merely a guideline. It is the venue’s policy, and as such, you and all members of your team are expected to strictly abide by this policy. It is not appropriate to flaunt this policy in any way. We will take no chances on letting a few people’s misdeeds impact the entire league’s ability to properly function.

Pass that final message along to all of your team members as well.

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Martensville Athletic Pavilion – No Food or Drinks

I would just like to send out a friendly reminder to everyone to please respect the “No Food or Drink” rule at the Martensville Athletic Pavilion.
Sealed water bottles, sport drinks (Gatorade/Powerade, etc), and other sealed beverage holders such as Contigo Mugs are allowed.
Any other unsealed beverages such as Tim Hortons/Starbucks cups, etc will NOT be allowed in the gym.  Also, absolutely no food whatsoever in the gyms.  Any food must be opened and consumed in the lobby and/or changerooms.
Please let your teammates know.  I would hate for us to lose our privileges at the MAP, especially considering the amount of times we will be needing to use their facility this season.
Thanks for your cooperation.
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October 1st Schedule Layout

Here’s what the first week of regular season is going to look like. Unfortunately, this year I cannot guarantee alternating Womens/Coed, I cannot guarantee back to back matches for girls who play both womens & coed, and I cannot guarantee the regular “predictable” schedule that some divisions are used to having (knowing they play in the next 3-hr time slot the following week). I won’t be able to put the team numbers into this schedule until the Seeding Tournament is over, as I’ll need to look at rosters to try to avoid logistical problems for girls who play both coed & womens (as you can see the M.A.P. could only be booked from 12:30-9:30, which is the case for many other weeks this year). So PLEASE have your entire roster entered onto the website ASAP. Thanks everyone.

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Insurance Details

SAVA is now registered with Sask Volleyball for insurance, so teams can complete their insurance requirements for our league. A helpful walkthrough is available below:

SVA Insurance Instructions



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