New Promotional Sponsor!

We would like to send out a huge thank you to The Canadian Brewhouse! They will be sponsoring the league this year by providing our members with some great deals!

The Canadian Brewhouse

There will be two main things that we are receiving.

Prime Rib Voucher (1 per team)

Each of the 72 teams in our league will receive a voucher for a Prime Rib supper. This voucher will cover up to 20 people for a free Prime Rib dinner. Any drinks or additional food items are billed to the team as usual during the dinner. You will have to call in advance to make a reservation and bring the voucher with you when your team arrives.

SAVA Player Card (1 per roster member)

Each team will receive a Canadian Brewhouse SAVA Player Card for each member on their roster. The executive will coordinate the distribution of these cards closer to league time. The cards will only be valid through our league’s season (up until next June). As the year goes on rosters do change so they are providing some extras for us to give to teams as extra roster members are added through the year. Team captains will be in charge of requesting cards as this changes which we may compare to your roster to make sure no one gets greedy ;).

When two of these player cards are shown at The Canadian Brewhouse you will receive a free small pizza. Depending on in house promotions, that may change regularly, these cards may get you other discounts as well. This will be dependent on the Canadian Brewhouse.

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