Team Roster Verification Reminder

Just a reminder to all teams. Captains have been marked on the teams now so it’s never too early to get your roster sorted and the members verified! Players aren’t allowed to take part in the seeding tournament if they are not a verified roster player. That means no subs and no permits as well!

To be added to a roster the player will need a member account with the league. They should sign up for this on their own. If you already have one from previous years, you can use this same one. The captain will be able to add players to your roster using the email address they have set for their account.

Please be aware. Something that has caused a few problems with the emails going out to verify players. Some accounts have one email assigned as their username and another assigned as their email address. What most likely happened was when the account was originally created they were using one email address. At some point they stopped using that email address and started using a new one (because nobody wants to give as an email address for a job interiew). When they did this they updated the email address field on the account to the new one. Their username is still their old email address used to login, but the emails will go to the new address under the email address field. WHEN ADDING PEOPLE TO THE ROSTER MAKE SURE TO USE THEIR EMAIL ADDRESS THEY HAVE ASSIGNED UNDER THE EMAIL ADDRESS FIELD. You may have to check with them to verify what it is if it has changed.

If you have added someone to the roster, already checked with them that you used the proper email, and they still haven’t received the verification email or notification after logging in, get them to email us and let us know.

Thanks everyone!