Notes Regarding Martensville Athletic Pavilion Usage

This has been emailed to all team contacts already, and is being posted on our website for additional visibility.

The Rec Supervisor at MAP contacted us this morning to let us know that they were quite happy with the general respect and care they observed at their facility during the seeding tournament. Thank you to all who helped contribute to a positive view of our organization.

She did note one issue regarding children and spectators at the venue. Note that SAVA rents out the volleyball courts and surrounding area ONLY. This means that members of our league along with any spectators have access to those areas only. We do not have free access to areas such as the walking track, the fitness center, or areas hosting any other events, such as birthday parties. As fun as it may be to crash a birthday party, it is not appropriate to do so.

Anyone over the age of 10 is more than welcome to use additional areas of the facility if they have paid the required fee. Please pass this along to all team members for future uses of the MAP, so we can continue to use them as a much needed option in gym rental space.

An additional note – one that I am not happy to have to add – is a reminder that the No Food and Beverage policy is not merely a guideline. It is the venue’s policy, and as such, you and all members of your team are expected to strictly abide by this policy. It is not appropriate to flaunt this policy in any way. We will take no chances on letting a few people’s misdeeds impact the entire league’s ability to properly function.

Pass that final message along to all of your team members as well.