Sub-List Contact Information Reminder

Hey everyone! It has come to our attention that although a bunch of people have created an account and added themselves to the sublist, when viewed by other teams their contact information is hidden (both email and phone number). We believe we have narrowed down the cause. We thought, at first, that they just didn’t fill out the information and got around the validations. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

Under each account once you login you have the option to publish your contact information (email, main phone, secondary phone). We believe when the site was built this may have been incorporated into the sublist as well. So if you are on the sublist or know someone who is, please double check your profile once you login and make sure that you AREN’T hiding your contact information and let them know to do the same. If you are, there is a chance it isn’t showing up on the listings, which is why you may not have been contacted to sub.