Players Looking For Teams

Note: As of the 2010-2011 the SAVA league has implemented a sub-list.

Registering on the sublist makes you eligible to play with any co-ed or women’s team that happens to need a player. Preference options in the sub-list area allow a sub to select their preferred division, position and add notes about skill and availability. There is a $10 fee to join the list, which goes to cover insurance for the year, so that team captains don’t need to worry about collecting money or doing roster additions prior to play. As a sub you are still eligible to be add to a team roster at which point you would be removed from the list.

If you would like to be be added to the list of players looking for teams please submit using the following form. Once we review, we will add you to this page. If you would like to be removed because you are no longer available, found a team, etc. please email and let us know. 

Current Player Listing

The list of players looking for teams is sorted with the newest players added by default at the top. To change the sorting, click on the little arrows next to the Player and Date Added headings. You can also use the search box just above the list to search for specific keywords like Setter or Coed.

PlayerDate Added
Amanda Blackstock
Division: Women's B or C
Phone: 1-306-821-6261
Gender: Female
Position: Setter
Notes: I currently play on a Sava Coed team in the C Division. I also play on a women's team in a different league during the week and play lots of beach in the summer. I am a setter and have been playing for 22 years. I just want to play as much as I can as a sub and am interested in finding a women's team to play on ft next year as well.
Roxane Bellhumer
Division: Women's B/C
Phone: 1-306-270-5037
Gender: Female
Position: Middle/power/setter
Notes: Can play all positions, I am available to sub this year and would be interested in playing full time as well. I have played in the SAVA women's division for a number of years, I am reliable and available on Sundays.
Steven Ermine
Division: Coed
Phone: 1-306-420-7022
Gender: Male
Position: Middle/Weak side (I could set if needed)
Notes: I’ve been playing a lot of rec league at Shaw centre.. but It’s not competitive enough for me. I play volleyball 3 times a week at drop ins. Can play full time or when ever a team needs a player
Gordon Punter
Division: Coed C
Phone: 1-306-251-2227
Gender: Male
Position: Power/offside
Notes: Played some college volleyball and beach this last summer
Keven Fontaine
Division: Coed A/B/C/D
Phone: 1-306-380-1454
Gender: Male
Position: Left side/power
Notes: Played club and school volleyball all my life but haven't played in a few years. Looking to get back into some competitive volleyball.
Haley Brennan
Division: Coed B/C, Women’s A/B
Phone: 1-306-821-7960
Gender: Female
Position: Middle, power, setter
Notes: I played competitively for 7 years in school, 2 years of club, totally comfortable in all positions! Friendly, fun, team player. Evenings and weekends are always free from work (office life) so I’m flexible as a sub!
Cloé Turton
Division: Women's A/B/C, Coed A/B/C/D
Phone: 1-306-552-9214
Gender: Female
Position: Setter/ right side
Notes: I am now too old to join a club team and would love to continue playing my favourite sport! I have played club volleyball for 4 years, as well as school volleyball for 7 years.
Mary Ingram
Division: Women's A/B/C
Phone: 1-306-383-7505
Gender: Female
Position: Setter, RS, LS
Notes: Haven't played competitively in a few years, but am looking to get back into a regular volleyball season. Played competitive volleyball for 7 years, including a year at SIAST.
Kirk Janvier
Division: Coed
Phone: 1-306-715-5942
Gender: Male
Position: Weak side n middle
Notes: -
Brandon Roy
Division: Co-ed B,C,D
Phone: 306-833-7881
Gender: Male
Position: Right Side/Middle
Notes: Looking to jump on a squad either full time/half time or whenever a team needs to be position to be filled. Just wanna get out on the court and have some fun!
Kristian Duguid
Division: Coed
Phone: 306-291-6181
Gender: Male
Position: Right side, left side, setter
Notes: Hey I'm looking for a team to play on or sub on! Preferably mens, but a coed team would be fine as well. I've played volleyball all my life from jcvc club volleyball, 4 years of high school, setter for the saskpolytech compet team, and a couple years playing SAVA now. I would love to play on any team especially a competitive one! Give me a shout!
Carley Greene
Division: Womens/coed/ b/c/d
Phone: 306-713-0838
Gender: Female
Position: Usually play middle but open to playing anything.
Notes: Looking to join a team permanently or sub when needed. I played volleyball throughout highschool and college and have been missing it in the last few years. I played on a beach volleyball team last year. I am a shift worker but will work hard at making every game.
Cameron Weiman & Crystal Graham
Division: Coed B, C, or D
Phone: 306-280-6975 & 306-631-2661
Gender: Male & Female
Position: Any
Notes: We are a couple looking for a team to play on throughout the upcoming season. We would prefer to play fulltime, but are open to subbing as well. We are both at an above average skill level and would be reliable team members. Thanks for the consideration.
Craig Maurice
Division: Coed. A or B even C if a or b don't need anyone.
Phone: 306-314-9069
Gender: Male
Position: Middle or power
Notes: Just looking to get out there and have some fun
Jacqueline Thompson
Division: Women's A/B/C, Coed A/B/C
Phone: 1-639-316-4818
Gender: Female
Position: Hitter/Setter
Notes: Hi I'm looking to sub and start competitively again. Been a couple years since I was on the court, but I'm sure I would still try hard, lol. Can sub with little notice.
Division: Women's C/D
Phone: 1-306-251-2901
Gender: Female
Position: Outside hitter
Notes: -
Division: Coed C/D
Phone: 1-306-261-3537
Gender: Male
Position: Middle/Power
Notes: Was regular SAVA and SMVA player until last season.
Veronica Espinosa
Division: Women B/C
Phone: 306-251-1890
Gender: Female
Position: Hitter
Notes: I'm 5.7 and I can play any position mostly hitter, I haven't played here in Saskatoon but I played for long time before. I'm ready to come back and I'm a very challenging and committed person. Hope I can find a team
Julia Koop
Division: Women's C, Coed C
Phone: 306-270-5773
Gender: Female
Position: Right Side
Notes: Left handed. 6 feet. Prefer Right side, but I can play where ever you want. I am a shift worker so I likely can't commit to a team. I would love to sub for you or be a come-when-I-can extra.
Alyssa Funk
Division: Womens B/C, Coed B/C
Phone: 306-227-1915
Gender: Female
Position: power/middle/right side
Notes: I can play any position other than setter; I was mostly a middle throughout high school and womens rec and I've played mostly power or right side in coed rec. Played in womens B division of sava last year. I am willing to sub but would prefer to join a team full time.
King Jan Nermel Aguilar
Division: A
Phone: 306-914-3624
Gender: Male
Position: Open Hitter, Opposite Hitter
Notes: Hope I can find teams 🙂 Im new here in saskatoon Looking for a volleyball tournament 😉
Josie Bushman
Division: Probably C or maybe B.
Phone: 306-370-9865
Gender: Female
Position: Power, setter, off side.
Notes: I'm also left handed. I would love to join a team, I can play almost anywhere! Thank you so much! 🙂
Jessica Nicholls
Division: Coed/A/B/C/D
Phone: 1-306-237-7339
Gender: Female
Position: I play any position. Was a setter in Highschool
Notes: I played volleyball all throughout high school, making it to regionals in my last two years of school. I was the captain and I played in the position of setter. I am 19 and am willing to play any position that you need filled.
Carlee Hamilton
Division: Women's A/B/C, Coed B/C
Phone: 1-306-827-7955
Gender: Female
Position: Left aside/right side
Notes: I'm a flexible player and am strong defensively. I have a experience playing high school, club, and rec volleyball for many years. Willing to sub or looking to commit full time. 🙂