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If you are a team looking for players please check the “Players Looking For Teams” page. If you are still unable to find players please use the form below. Once we review the information we will add it to this page. If your team is no longer looking for players, please contact us at with a request to remove your team from this page.

Current Team Listing

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TeamDate Added
Sports Bags
Contact: Kristine Goulding
Phone: 306-291-1804
Gender: Female
Division: Women's C
Position: Middle
Notes: We are looking for two, experienced middle players, who can make a part time, but preferably full time commitment. Please contact me by text or call.
Whose Me Is It
Contact: Quinton Mytopher
Phone: 306-260-2752
Gender: 1 Male and 1 female
Division: Coed B
Position: Power/Middle and Power
Notes: We are a B division team. Looking for a guy to play Middle/Power and a female to play power. We are looking for people with good attitudes who are solid players.
Hot Tamales
Contact: Collette Gaucher
Phone: 306-260-9153
Gender: Female
Division: Women's B
Position: Middle or setter/right side although open to all positions if you have the flexibility to play in other positions
Notes: We're a decent B team and are hoping to stay there. We are looking for one to two players who would be a good fit for our team–no drama please. We want someone who is competitive but also likes to have fun (win or lose). We are open to full-time or part-time players joining our team–just want to make sure we have enough committed players to get us through the season . Please contact me by email or text if you think you might be a good fit.
Contact: Lisa Rein
Phone: 306-270-3510
Gender: Female
Division: Women's A
Position: Middle, setter
Notes: Looking for competitive, dependable full time (we'll take part time too!) middles and another setter with great attitudes for the team. We ran with too few players last year and were always scrambling to have enough players each week. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks!
Contact: Heather Kuspira
Phone: 306-621-0883
Gender: Female
Division: Women's B
Position: Rightside/Middle & Setter
Notes: Looking for a couple ladies to fill out our roster.
Setter (ability to play RS if necessary)
RS/Middle – ability to play both or one of these positions.
Email or text is best way to get a hold of me.