Important Facilities Warning – New Regulations

We have received multiple warnings from both Bedford and MAP re: players in our league bringing in unsealed beverages, as well as eating on and around the playing courts. In one case, a coffee was spilled, which seeped into the floor and caused wood to start warping. In another case, goldfish crackers were strewn across the floor. That’s two of many cases.

One Rule to Rule Them All – NO FOOD OR DRINK!
The facilities are quite clear that they have one simple rule – NO FOOD OR DRINK IN AND AROUND THE PLAYING SURFACES. Unless it’s a sealed bottle. Even water needs to be in a sealed container.

If you have fans on bleachers next to the courts, the rule STILL APPLIES TO THEM!

Facilities WILL revoke our permits
We have been informed that we are reaching a point of no return where these facilities may simply pull our remaining rentals, and refuse to rent to us again.

You WILL be suspended
The executive held a meeting last night and have decided that any player found to be violating this simple rule will be suspended for a week, and their team will be charged a $25 fee.

I hate yelling. I hate telling adults how to behave. I hate coming up with punishments. I hate repeating myself. But I enjoy playing volleyball, and we need good facilities willing to rent to us for that to continue to happen.

Inform your team, monitor behaviour
Pass this along to all your teammates, all your subs, and all your fans, and help monitor not just your team, but other teams, too. One person may screw this all up for everyone else. If you don’t feel comfortable calling someone out, find an executive member if possible, and they will take care of it.