AGM Announcement – April 16th, 6:30PM

The AGM is set for April 16th @ 6:30PM, at E.D. Feehan. Doors open at 6:00PM and close at 6:30PM.

To keep the AGM streamlined, we collect and distribute new business to teams prior to the meeting for review. To accomplish this, we ask to receive new business via email by April 9th so we can include it in the agenda handout. We will circulate this prior to the AGM for review.

Some quick boilerplate around the AGM. This is important, so first-year teams should read this closely.

– Teams without a representative at the meeting will lose preference for
a spot in the league

– Executive members have preference for spots in the league including a
new team with a member on the executive.

– If you or one of your team members are interested in being a part of
the executive read through the positions available to make an informed
decision. A full description of executive positions and duties are
posted in the bylaws on the website.

Thanks for all your help everyone and we’re looking forward to a fun AGM!