SVA Registration Now Open

SVA Membership/Insurance registration is now open. To register:

Click on the website here: SVA Registration

  1. Click on “Adult League Team Registration 2019-20”
  2. Choose “SAVA” when it asks you to choose a league.
  3. Enter your team name.
  4. As captain, fill in your contact information at the top. Once you get to the bottom to list all of your players, you will need to enter yourself again at the bottom. Otherwise, you will not be registered with SVA.
  5. For most, if not all of your players (unless they are new to an SVA league), you will need their first name, last name and birthdate. Once you enter their birthdate, their name will pop up. Select the individual and move onto the next person.
  6. Once everyone is entered, click the box for “Adult Rec Member Fee”, click the box for agreeing to the Legal Agreement, then click “Submit Team Registration”.
  7. You will then pay by PayPal ($10 per person), and then registration is complete.