SVA Membership / Insurance

All players are required to be registered with SVA for membership/insurance.

To begin registration, click on the website here: SVA Registration

You will need to set up your own team, your own contact person and then list all your players (@ $10 each). Ensure you have all of your players’ information before beginning: First Name, Last Name, Birthday, and Email are mandatory set up fields.

*If you are the contact person, you will also need to list yourself as a player to pay the $10.

If a player has already been registered and paid through a different league, once you enter their first name, last name and birth date, a popup will appear asking you to confirm they are the person who is already in the system. Click yes and you will not have to pay for them again.

If you have any more questions regarding membership/insurance, please contact:

Click HERE for Insurance Claim Forms and a the Insurance Coverage Summary Booklet