Teams Looking For Players

If you are a team looking for players please check the “Players Looking For Teams” page. If you are still unable to find players please use the form below. Once we review the information we will add it to this page. If your team is no longer looking for players, please contact us at with a request to remove your team from this page.

Current Team Listing

The list of teams looking for players is sorted with the newest teams added by default at the top. To change the sorting, click on the little arrows next to the Team and Date Added headings. You can also use the search box just above the list to search for specific keywords like Setter or Coed.

TeamDate Added
Spike And The Diggers
Contact: Renee
Phone: 1-306-380-3595
Gender: Male
Division: Coed D
Position: Middle
Notes: In need of another guy to play middle. We aim to have fun, but play an organized game and try to be competitive.
No Diggity
Contact: Jessica Wright
Phone: 3062907968
Gender: F
Division: B/C
Position: ALL
Notes: In need of some more subs on our women's roster! We have a lot of people working shifts or have to be out of tow and would love to have a few more subs we could call. Email me if interested!
Just Dig It
Contact: Kelly
Phone: 1-306-717-4784
Gender: Female
Division: Coed – C/B
Position: Setter
Notes: We are looking for a full time setter for our co-ed team this year as both our setters have moved away from Saskatoon this summer. Please contact me for more information if you have any questions and may be interested. Season is just a few weeks away…looking forward to it! Thanks, Kelly