Updated Playoff Schedule

Due to a team in A division dropping out of playoffs, I have made an update to the A draw, which has subsequently caused changes to the Schedule for all coed divisions.  The updated schedule has been posted on the website. https://www.savavball.ca/site/schedule/
The change only affects A division on Saturday, but it affects all coed divisions on Sunday.  There have been no changes made to the Women’s divisions.
Please also note that results will be updated LIVE on the website throughout the weekend, so keep checking back for updated results.
Good luck this weekend!

Roster Addition Deadline is Today

Please note the roster addition deadline is today (Feb 24, 2019) at midnight. There is no permitting in the playoffs, so all non-roster players are ineligible for the playoffs.

Reminder on behaviour

A reminder that our recreational volleyball league does not tolerate verbal abuse or harassment, whether it be directed towards our league members, executive members, officials, or any other individuals involved with the league. Whatever your grievance may be, it can be sent to the executive via the contact form on our website.

In this manner, the executive group – rather than an individual member – will be made aware of the incident, and can work to arrive at a resolution.
If the report requires discretion, you can contact the president and vice-president directly. We take each report seriously, and have a diverse group of volunteers to resolve issues. If an issue is not resolved to your satisfaction, bylaw 12.5 has details on how to proceed.

Important Facilities Warning – New Regulations

We have received multiple warnings from both Bedford and MAP re: players in our league bringing in unsealed beverages, as well as eating on and around the playing courts. In one case, a coffee was spilled, which seeped into the floor and caused wood to start warping. In another case, goldfish crackers were strewn across the floor. That’s two of many cases.

One Rule to Rule Them All – NO FOOD OR DRINK!
The facilities are quite clear that they have one simple rule – NO FOOD OR DRINK IN AND AROUND THE PLAYING SURFACES. Unless it’s a sealed bottle. Even water needs to be in a sealed container.

If you have fans on bleachers next to the courts, the rule STILL APPLIES TO THEM!

Facilities WILL revoke our permits
We have been informed that we are reaching a point of no return where these facilities may simply pull our remaining rentals, and refuse to rent to us again.

You WILL be suspended
The executive held a meeting last night and have decided that any player found to be violating this simple rule will be suspended for a week, and their team will be charged a $25 fee.

I hate yelling. I hate telling adults how to behave. I hate coming up with punishments. I hate repeating myself. But I enjoy playing volleyball, and we need good facilities willing to rent to us for that to continue to happen.

Inform your team, monitor behaviour
Pass this along to all your teammates, all your subs, and all your fans, and help monitor not just your team, but other teams, too. One person may screw this all up for everyone else. If you don’t feel comfortable calling someone out, find an executive member if possible, and they will take care of it.

Last Reminder! Roster Verification and Insurance!

Rosters and Verification

Just a reminder to everyone! Rosters should be completed and all of the players that will be participating in the seeding tournament will need to be a verified player on your roster. The executive members will be randomly checking during the seeding tournament to make sure teams are verified. If a player in the tournament isn’t verified there will be penalties, one of them being set/match defaults. The seeding tournament isn’t a place you would want to default!

Also, we are in the process of trying to clean up the member accounts. If you have two accounts, with two separate emails, feel free to email us and let us know. We can fix up the one your using with the proper email address and remove the old ones. There has been some confusion verifying players in the past due to this.

If your team is new to the league, don’t hesitate to reach out to executive@savavball.ca and we can help you through getting everything setup.


All players in the league should be signed up for insurance through Sask Volleyball. It will be $8 per player and the captain is in charge of getting this done. There are instructions here:

Player Insurance for SAVA

If you have any questions, reach out to executive@savavball.ca and we can help you with getting everything in place.

We look forward to seeing everyone out there this season!