Captain’s Meeting Tonight

Captain’s meeting tonight at 6:00pm at Nutana Collegiate. Any teams without a representative will forfeit $25 of their performance bond. All attendees will receive a premium on any games they ref this season as well. See you there!

Rosters, Verification, and Insurance

Rosters and Verification

Just a reminder to everyone! With the season getting close, rosters should be completed and all of the players that will be participating in the seeding tournament will need to be a verified player on your roster. The executive members will be randomly checking during the seeding tournament to make sure teams are verified. If a player in the tournament isn’t verified there will be penalties, one of them being set/match defaults. The seeding tournament isn’t a place you would want to default!

Also, we are in the process of trying to clean up the member accounts. If you have two accounts, with two separate emails, feel free to email us and let us know. We can fix up the one your using with the proper email address and remove the old ones. There has been some confusion verifying players in the past due to this.

If your team is new to the league, don’t hesitate to reach out to and we can help you through getting everything setup.


All players in the league should be signed up for insurance through Sask Volleyball. It will be $8 per player and the captain is in charge of getting this done. There are instructions here:

Player Insurance for SAVA

If you have any questions, reach out to and we can help you with getting everything in place.

We look forward to seeing everyone out there this season!

Co-ed 2s Beach Tournament

Where?: Sports on Tap
When?: Sunday July 22nd, 2018

Why?: Raise $ for Breast Cancer Research

How much?: $60/team

Courts are smaller, games are shorter, play against your own calibre!

Lots of door prizes, lots of games, lots of fun!

Reserve your spot by contacting Lori Mills at 1-306-280-5787 or

2018/2019 Team Fees Update

Hello all! Just a reminder that league fees for the 2018/2019 season are due on July 15. Registration fees for new teams to the league are $1500 ($1400 plus a refundable $100 performance bond). Cheques, bank drafts, and money orders are the accepted method of payment. They can be made out to SAVA and mailed to Box 1174 Station Main, Saskatoon SK, S7K 3N2.

If you wish to make your registration payment in cash, please contact Meadrien directly at or text 306-280-4054 and we can make alternate arrangements. Although Meadrien has stepped down as our treasurer with Lisa taking over, she has been kind enough to help out during the transition (make sure to give her a sweet high five).

For existing teams in the league, please consult the following image to see what your specific team owes for the upcoming season. As mentioned before, costs may differ depending on whether or not your team has opted in to carry over your remaining performance bond from the previous season.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact


League Fees

2018/2019 Team Fees

We have been receiving a lot of messages about team fees and how much the coming year will cost. As per the AGM, total team fees this year will be $1500, but due to some teams carrying over their performance bond many teams will owe different amounts.

The league has decided that carrying over the performance bond for teams that opt in will be a little easier than writing 72 cheques and then taking in that performance bond again the next year. This is why we asked the captains as they arrived and signed in at the AGM. For teams that are playing every year, we can just hold on to it until they request it back. Requesting it back would in the case of a team not playing the next year or something similar.

On top of that some teams have helped out the league in a big way by volunteering to pay early which helps us with our deposit for the MAP. This was a huge hit up front but it will definitely be worth it having a place we can rely on and call our own for the season.

We will be posting on the website letting everyone know of how much each team owes, taking into consideration the ones that have carried over the bond and the ones that have paid some if not all their fees already.

Team fees will be due July 15.

And please remember, try not to call or text someone in particular when you have questions or problems. It is super convenient, we know, but emailing the executive will make sure everyone is on the same page and then we all know of the communication coming in from our members. It also alleviates the stress from an individual executive position. Thanks for reading and we look forward the the coming season!