Rosters / Sublist


Captains or co-captains of teams should be identified at the AGM for the current year. The captain or co-captain will be able to manage the roster for their team through the members area of the website. To add members to your roster they must have a member account created for themselves and then you will be able to find them through the “Team Info” page once you are logged in. You can direct your team members to the registration page if they need to create an account.

Please be sure to update your profile and check your privacy settings. It’s not mandatory for members to make phone numbers, addresses, etc. public to other members but we do recommend that the captain/co-captain make sure they have a phone number listed and to make it public to other members. This will ensure that teams can contact other teams in case they can’t make it to the upcoming weeks games and will also ensure we can update teams in case of last minute schedule changes for tournaments, gym changes, etc.

Looking For A Player?

Check our Players Looking For Teams page to view a list of players who are currently looking for a team to play on. It is updated as new requests come in so check back often.


To add yourself to the sublist you will be required to have a member account. You can register yourself using the registration page. Once registered you can add yourself to the sublist. To be a sub you will be required to pay the SVA Membership/Insurance fee which you can pay online.

Looking For A Team?

Check out our Teams Looking For Players page to find out if any current teams are looking for players. If you don’t see any teams you would like to contact, adding yourself to the sublist will be the best way to get out and meet new teams making it more likely to get picked up this season or next.