Saskatchewan Amateur Volleyball Association

May 8 2023

Registration has *hiccup* Begun

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Hey everyone,

We have begun the registration process, unfortunately we've had a few technical issues pop up over the past couple days.

In Summary:

  • We've confirmed that by having a vaccination policy, players will not be required to wear masks on the court.
  • Registration has begun for teams eligible to register early. We'll open up registration for the remaining spots to new teams Thursday or Friday.
  • Due to some technical issues, we currently can't process etransfers and weren't receiving emails over the weekend. Please hold off on sending us payment until further notice.

Might as well start with the good news. The city of Martensville / the MAP confirmed that by having a vaccination policy in place, players won't be required to wear masks while on the courts. You may still need to wear masks to use other parts of the facility we share with other people. We are working with TeamLinkt on exactly how vaccination information will be collected and verified, but at some point captains will be able to see who on their team still needs to provide proof. The full vaccination policy can be reviewed here.

We have begun the registration process for teams eligible for early registration. For some reason teams aren't being activated automatically in TeamLinkt, but they are being registered successfully. As a captain, if you open TeamLinkt and look at your teams you should see something like "Saskatoon Amateur Volleyball Association - {Your Name} - Pending Team". Captains shouldn't have to send TeamLinkt join codes to their players this year, players will pick their team while registering, then captains confirm if that person can join or not. Players will be able to begin registering tomorrow or Thursday. Team fees are $1250 this year, this does not include the ~$8 per player SVA insurance. We haven't heard back from SVA on exactly what the fee will be, but we'll update everyone when we know.

Due to some technical issues, we weren't receiving emails (including etransfer notifications) since Saturday evening until about 10am this morning. If you've been trying to reach us over the weekend, please try again. Captains will either need to resend the etransfer notification, or cancel and resend the transfer entirely depending on who you bank with. We can receive emails again, but we still cannot process etransfers right now (~12:30pm Oct 12th), so please hold off on sending us payment until further notice. The email address you will use is still ''.

We appreciate your patience while we try to get things going, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Jesse Rolheiser

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