Saskatchewan Amateur Volleyball Association

May 8 2023

Getting Ready for Kickoff

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Hi all,

Just a quick update as we get close to starting the season.

In Summary:
- Players must be on your roster(with first and last names) by the end of Thursday in order to be able to play on Sunday
- The rough schedule can be found at the end of this post, the full schedule will be uploaded to Teamlinkt later today
- SAVA is handling making sure all players are SVA members
- You can register for the sublist on our website under the 'Registration' tab

We need players on rosters by the end of the day Thursday in order to finalize the schedule. If they are not on the roster tomorrow, they will not be eligible to play on Sunday. Players must also have there first and last names on the roster as it appears on their proof of vaccination. This is so that we can organize and print off roster sheets in time to efficiently verify people on Sunday. There is a form here for people to optionally submit their proof of vaccination early to help speed up the process on Sunday. Once you have provided proof of vaccination to the league (either via the form or on Sunday), you will only need to bring your photo id each week to play. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so games can start on time.

The rough schedule is available here and we'll be uploading the full schedule to Teamlinkt later today. Since we have 32 coed teams, there will be 2 teams in C division that MO 2 courts at once, other than that all teams will play 2 games and MO 1 game each week. We'll also post the full schedule summary on the website/FB so teams can see when other teams play to help with finding subs and permits. SAVA will also be handling ensuring all players are SVA members, so there is nothing you need to do regarding that before Sunday.

There is absolutely no food allowed near the playing surfaces, and drinks must be in sealable containers (i.e. no Timmie's cups). Also spectators must follow the MAP's/provincial health guidelines. Anyone over 12 must be double vaccinated and masked. Anyone under 12 must also be supervised.

Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

- SAVA Executive

Teams / Rough Schedule

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