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May 8 2023

Season Kickoff Summary

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Hi all,

The board met last night to talk about how the first day went and to answer some questions that popped up throughout the day.

In Summary:
- The form to submit your proof of vaccination is open again for players who weren't there on Sunday
- Going forward you'll only need to bring your photo id. Leave it on the bench while playing and a board member will come by to verify your roster
- Captains can add subs as a 'spectator' on their waiver form, permits can be added to the 'Game Notes' when submitting the results
- The MOing team can help keep track of the score, but someone from the playing teams will need to submit the results into Teamlinkt

Thank you everyone for coming a bit early to verify rosters so games could start on time. Other than a small mixup in one pool and a few rolled ankles, the day generally went pretty smoothly. We've verified ~75% our player roster, so if you played on Sunday or have submitted your proof of vaccination online (form here) you'll just need your photo id to play next week. Leave it on the bench and a board member will come around to verify your roster; MOing teams please leave your IDs on the score table. The MOing team can help keep track of the score, but someone from the playing teams needs to submit the result. Also for scores, you can submit them on the 2nd 'Game Results' tab when submitting the sets on the first tab. Scores aren't required as they are just used in some tie breaking situations when determining which teams should switch divisions if teams have the exact same Match and Set win/loss ratios. If a score isn't submitted the match will be considered to have been 25-0 or 15-0. We'll do the division switch over during the holiday break between the Dec 19th and Jan 6th games.

There are a couple small corrections to make to the schedule posted yesterday (court changes, the games should be the same), the live link is here. There was a small mixup where some teams ended up playing a team they weren't supposed to. Everyone got 2 games in so it's not a big deal, the problem could've been avoided if I'd posted the summary schedule sooner, sorry about that. There was also some confusion around why divisions with 6 teams need to switch courts and aren't playing in 2 pools of 3. If we did that, then some teams would have to play the same teams the following weekend (Coed D will be in 2 pools of 3 this weekend though to account for a mixup last Sunday). We feel switching courts is better than playing the same teams back to back, but let us know your thoughts. Games will be uploaded to Teamlinkt in the next day or two.

Remember that games are at Mount Royal and Bedford next week, other than that we'll be at the MAP/MHS pretty much all year.

- SAVA Executive

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