About SAVA

SAVA is the largest Adult volleyball league in the city of Saskatoon. We are an independent body governed solely by an elected executive. We are not governed by any provincial or federal organization in any way. We work with the SVA and other related bodies to help ensure that our league maintains high quality. We offer a (fall to the end of winter) season of organized and structured adult co-ed and women’s volleyball, using regulation height nets, proper equipment, and when possible, credentialed officials. Teams are broken down into divisions of varying skill levels; the bottom levels comprised of more recreational type players, while the top divisions are of the highest calibre of play in the city. Many ex-College, University and secondary education players find a home here within our league.

A typical season would run from mid-September to mid-February or March, with 39 coed teams and 33 women’s teams broken into divisions of 9 -12 teams per division. Matches are typically played at the Martensville Athletic Pavilion (4 courts) and Bedford Road High School (2 courts) on Sundays in varying 3-hour time blocks from 9 am to 9 pm. On occasion, play may be scheduled at other gyms. Very rarely we may require play on a Saturday.

We use a seeding tournament format at the start of our season to determine the placement of teams by skill level. At the halfway mark of the season we switch the top and bottom 2 teams of each division into new divisions in order to keep the skill level more evenly matched.

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