Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we are unable to gather for the AGM in April. We will update everyone in a month or so.
Stay safe everyone.

2019/2020 Season Champions

Congratulations to the 2019/2020 season winners!

A Division – Finger Blasters
A Div Champions Finger Blasters

B Division – Set-a-Files
B Div Champions Set-a-Files

C Division – HOOD
C Div Champions HOOD

D Division – Bumpin’ Buddies
D Div Champions Bumpin' Buddies

A Division – Whispering Eyes
A Div Champions Whispering Eyes

B Division – This Won’t Take Long
A Div Champions This Won't Take Long

C Division – Nasty
A Div Champions Nasty

Suspensions Update

The adjudication committee has sent their decision in regard to the two individuals who were suspended by the SAVA Executive. The suspensions will stand and are effective immediately.

Please see the report here

SAVA executive members, past and present, are held to a high standard when it comes to the information the members of SAVA entrust to us. Every SAVA member should feel confident that what they email in or speak to us about is kept confidential. 

Although most communications are in regard to defaults, minor grievances, or general questions we want to ensure the members know that concerns as minor as a simple question or as serious as a sexual harassment complaint are kept private and dealt with accordingly. We want to ensure that if something serious happens within the league, members won’t have to think twice about bringing it forward to us. 

As the SAVA executive, it is our duty to enforce the SAVA bylaws as they are written and voted in by the members of this league. If there is an unprecedented issue, not covered in the bylaws, the executive as a group will discuss and vote on it. 

If any SAVA member believes that a particular bylaw is not in line with the intention of the league, they are encouraged to bring it forward for amendment or removal. It will then be presented at the AGM and voted upon. The SAVA executive is not permitted to change bylaws on their own, it is the responsibility of the league as a whole.


Playoff Schedule

As you may have noticed, we’ve had to make some adjustments to the playoff schedule this year. When the facility was originally booked, an error was made and we do not have Court 3 (SAVA courts 5 and 6 for playoffs) for the full day at the MAP on Sunday. Therefore, we have modified the schedule to accommodate this.

In order to make this work, we shortened the set times to 50-minutes but have allowed a buffer zone between women’s and coed divisions and have an additional hour at the end of the night in case games are running a bit behind. Teams will not be required to cut their games short and every team will be guaranteed a 5-minute warm-up as per SAVA Bylaw 12.2.d.

This schedule has been thought out carefully and approved by the SAVA Executive which has 3 professional referees as members. They are all confident that there will be no issue keeping the pace with a tournament that runs 50-minute game slots.

Please email if you have further questions.

Suspensions Update

The two individuals who received suspensions have each filed an appeal. An adjudication committee, made up of individuals who are not SAVA members, has been called together. They have been given all of the information related to the suspensions and will render a decision as quickly as reasonably possible. If you have any questions regarding this, please email them to Thank you for your patience while this matter is being resolved.